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Daniel is well known throughout the industry for his insightful blogs and raising the profile of optometry and the importance of eye health to the public as part of his role as clinical adviser to the College of Optometrists, here are links to his blog.  (Hosted externally) 

January’s OPO and why are men more likely to develop advanced glaucoma?

Our Clinical Adviser runs through the latest topics in January’s Ophthalmic and Physiological Optics to catch his eye.

Who’s right?

Facts. Alternative facts. Evidence. Statistics. Lies.

Is testing eyes bad for my health?

As optometrists, we spend most of our time looking after other people’s health, but have we taken time to consider our own and whether our choice of career has any impact?

Do I need optical coherence tomography angiography in my practice? (OCT-A)

In the first of their series of blogs about Optometry Tomorrow 2017, Clinical Adviser Daniel Hardiman-McCartney and Head of Research Martin Cordiner introduce the new imaging technology of OCT-A.

Disruption by design, can we create the perfect storm?

Our Clinical Adviser reports on a recent roundtable event hosted by the College to discuss the future of the optical profession.

See the Gap, growing eye health inequality

The distribution of wealth has changed over the last two or three decades, and this trend is likely to continue. What impact might this be having on eye care?

Adjustable spectacles, only time will tell

In 2015, there was a proposed amendment to the Opticians Act 1989: a Private Members’ Bill to make provision for the sale of adjustable focus spectacles.

Laser pointers: an optometrist’s perspective

With over half a million low cost laser pointers now in circulation, optometrists should be aware of the harm that may result to in particular to children.

Preparing you for change

The Foresight Project examines the how the future of optometry might look up to 2030, including the potential impact of technology among other things.

How do we see?

You help numerous patients to see every day, but when was the last time you thought about how we see?

It’s got to be (im)perfect

Clinical Adviser Daniel Hardiman-McCartney and Head of Research Martin Cordiner discuss why you should keep your referral worries in perspective.

Professional judgement in the era of evidence based practice

Why is traditional lid hygiene still one of the alternative recommended options for treating blepharitis?

Understanding myopic change: what makes NICER worth talking about?

What do the latest findings on myopia mean for your practice?

What’s in a number?

How do research and practise work together to identify and manage glaucoma?

Charles Bonnet Syndrome

This week was the launch of Esme’s umbrella, a charity established to increase the awareness of Charles Bonnet Syndrome (CBS).

Who is the most myopic in your family?

Is myopia associated with birth order in an earlier generation, and does education exposure attenuate the effect?


Are we altering our clinical practice, communication and patient information sufficiently to spare our patients the ill effects and unnecessary worry of cyberchondria?

Summer holiday rush: which test should I use?

As we pass the midway point of the summer holidays, the rush is on for parents to get their children’s eyes examined before the start of term.

Disruptive innovation: a force for good

The biggest eye care innovation in the coming years could be your smartphone.

The challenges of glaucoma

The publication of the NICE guidance on glaucoma in 2009 had an unintended consequence – and created a tidal wave of referrals .

The solar eclipse – Professional advice for the ‘amateurs’

Find out more about the Eye Museum’s fascinating collection of eclipse memorabilia.

Noel Gallagher: Living with blur

Last week Noel Gallagher, former front man of Oasis, announced he is losing his eyesight. So what’s the story? The likelihood is that Noel is affected by a common condition called presbyopia.

#Thedress and your optometrist – the scientific voice of reason

It’s not every day the College of Optometrists shares a news platform with Taylor Swift, Kim Kardashian and Julianne Moore, but Friday was not just any day.